Claudia Mullin

My Approach to Helping

The best psychotherapy helps us hear our own True Voice. Through accurate listening, compassion, and gentle humor I work to help you explore unresolved pain and develop creative solutions to healing and overcoming obstacles in your path. Through encouragement and positive change psychology, you gain increased confidence in living more fully in the present and bringing joy and peace into your life each day.


More Info About My Practice

I work at the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy. We believe in a holistic model of helping and healing. My work includes techniques that use the mind-body connections for healing such as meditation and writing. And I encourage individuals to take advantage of other Center resources that include (but are not limited to) yoga therapy, acupuncture, massage, and natural medicine.


Specific Issue(s) I’m Skilled at Helping With

With fifteen years experience in psychotherapy, I am skilled at helping with a broad range of mental health issues. In addition to working with depression, anxiety, marriage conflict, life change issues, and loss, I also have over 10 years experience working with individuals recovering from addictions.


How Psychotherapy Can Help

Psychotherapy provides the space to recognize our authentic selves and develop tools to help us live from this place. It offers the opportunity to heal emotional pain, problem solve difficult situations, and create more spacious inner lives. Through the journey of psychotherapy we can reach deeper levels of acceptance and experience the excitement of personal growth and change.