Tara Bubriski

MS, NCC Psychotherapist

Tara holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Vermont and her clinical experience includes work in college counseling centers and work with children and teens in community centers and schools in Vermont, California, as well as international settings.

Tara believes that the therapeutic relationship can encourage individuals to explore their stories and patterns in order to realize that their worlds are not fixed, but instead, in a state of transformation and change. Tara’s work connects individuals to their most wise and compassionate self in order to observe and unravel habits and behaviors that may be getting in the way of living in integrity with their deepest goals and values.

Tara’s specialties include working with depression and anxiety, disordered eating, body image/acceptance, identity related issues, and trauma. Tara’s approach is collaborative, insight orientated, trauma sensitive, and emotion focused through “here and now” experiencing often through the mind-body connection.  Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-compassion underlie the work Tara does with others.

Tara is committed to meeting others in their strength, resiliency, and potential.