Virginia VandenBergh


My name is Virginia VandenBergh and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Vermont. My two teen aged daughters and I moved to Montpelier from Oakland, California in late 2012. In California I conducted a private practice as a Licensed MFCC for over 20 years.

I offer psychotherapy grounded in the psychology of Carl Jung, developmental theory and psycho dynamic approaches in which the therapeutic relationship is central to the process of change and growth.  I provide depth therapy and I find the use of humor helpful in working with people in a collaborative and cooperative manner.

I am an Eating Disorder specialist and have worked extensively with families and couples in conflict as well as individuals. Much of my work has focused on women’s issues including self-esteem, the struggle for authenticity, depression, anxiety, unresolved trauma, and gender identity. I have worked with mental health and learning professionals to explore self-care and personal boundaries.

Due to the importance of working with individuals in a holistic mind and body based approach,  I am very pleased to be apart of the integrative community of healers at VTCIT.