As a part of VTCIT growing evolution we are so excited to partner with Polly Young-Eisendrath to offer her first four trainings in Dialogue Therapy here at the Center. Dialogue Therapy is aligned with our mission of depth work that releases old patterns which keep systems from growth and expansion.
     Relationships in the 21st century are uniquely stressed by ideals of equality and reciprocity. The skills involved in negotiation with an equal partner, such as dealing with conflict respectfully, transcending power struggles, and authentically witnessing one another are key elements of Dialogue Therapy.

     Rooted in psychoanalysis, psychodrama and mindfulness, Dialogue Therapy is a short-term, structured couple and relationship therapy which specifically addresses the chronic and painful entanglements of couples and other dyadic relationships in disillusionment.

     In these foundational training courses designed for therapists, students and other interested professionals, you will learn all of the skills needed to offer Dialogue Therapy. Please click here to learn more and here to register for the trainings.

     We will also be exploring new ways to utilize group work and individual interventions that interrupt individual or larger family systems to effectively change and release patterns that characterized the system and also have trapped it into a narrow type of expression and functioning. Contact us to determine if our offerings will be a fit.