A Note From Bree

In 2010 I founded VTCIT on the vision that there could be a better way for mental health care. A way that was more inclusive, was embedded in community and resourced more fully for clients AND practitioners. We not only accomplished that in over a decade, but unknowingly birthed an entire system and way of doing healthcare that roots itself in honesty, accountability and multisystemic depth. During Covid I closed our bricks and mortar location with dreams of bringing this model to a national audience. What VTCIT taught me was beyond what I ever thought I would learn about not only care but all systems, their limits and their possibilities. 

I’ve continued fielding referrals in the past two years and sending them out to our team, now partially disseminated, because the need continues to be great and the gap that the center filled is still empty. Today, I continue the process of seeking ways to innovate healthcare as well as serve Vermonters. My emerging vision will soon be captured in The Possibility Program, a systemic method and practice that teaches large organizations, including healthcare, to alchemize change at the deepest levels while creating sustainable systems to work and live in. 

Through this portal you can still reach me for consulting and practitioners Anne Martin for Bodywork and Denise Casey for Voice Movement Therapy. This Spring, look for our in-person and virtual multidisciplinary programs…including an innovative IOP program for addiction, a seven-day semi-silent ocean retreat and a six-week introduction to my eating disorder model for medical and therapeutic professionals in April.

Please, as always, reach out to us even as we evolve…

With love,