Our Vision

At the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy, we believe that the most effective and efficient approach to wellness addresses the whole person—body, mind, spirit, emotions, and relationships with the self and others—in an integrated and collaborative way. Our center’s affiliation of independent practitioners from a variety of vocations, including psychotherapy, psychiatry, therapeutic yoga, and bodywork, forms a treatment team that offers, in an out-patient setting, a new and unique way of viewing and receiving healthcare.
Our primary objective is to lessen the suffering of any individual that pass through our doors. There are three primary foundational elements to our vision:

Compassion: At VTCIT we believe that the energy of love and compassion is the most powerful healing force available. Working with individuals to discover their own inner well of compassion, as well as endeavoring to align ourselves with compassion in the practitioner role, is fundamental at the Center.

Community: Being a part of a community can be one of the most valuable and powerful aspects of healing. At the Center we consider ourselves a part of many overlapping systems of community. A few ways that we support this part of the vision include; lending our space to other organizations for their use, holding community events for many to gather, partnering with other organizations for optimal care, and encouraging clients to arrive early and read or have a cup of tea in our comfy waiting room area.

Generosity: Direct giving is central to our ideology. All of our groups or yoga series have at least one work-study slot that allows a participant to take the series for free in exchange for some basic weekly tasks at the Center. We hold several donation based classes and restorative day events each season. Our free talk series allows individuals to become educated about topics and services that can enhance their life at no cost. Finally, we have an ongoing fund to offset the costs of out of pocket services for those who are struggling financially.