Bree Greenberg-Benjamin


Bree Greenberg-Benjamin, the founder and director of the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy, holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy. Additionally, she has been teaching yoga and incorporating it therapeutically for over 10 years. Her therapeutic interests have focused on integrative treatment for Eating Disorders, Trauma and Addiction. Bree has presented at numerous conferences and events nationwide on topics including; the use of yoga in therapy, spirituality as a healing tool, and energy medicine. Bree is also an adjunct professor at Burlington College in Burlington, Vermont.

The founding of VTCIT was predicated by Bree’s pioneering work in the treatment of eating disorders. Aware that more traditional approaches concern themselves merely with the metrics of symptom reduction, Bree endeavored to find a more effective and compassionate way to treat the condition. Employing a multifaceted system that engages clients in a more total way, Bree developed the Pratyaagati (Journey Home) program based on her 10 plus years of using yoga and meditation creatively in therapy with clients struggling with eating disorders.

Pratyaagati utilized yoga (specific postures, breath work, meditation and teachings) in combination with group therapy to provide deeper and more effective treatment. October 2007 saw the launch of this first group where Bree taught both the yoga and ran the group portion. The program ran for a year with great feedback emphasizing the need for more meeting times. A year later the program expanded, this time to include yoga two days a week with a new yoga instructor. Bree joined forces with Christine Rushforth to co-facilitate the group portion. The program ran almost two years with wonderful growth for the participants and again more great feedback. The program ended in order for Bree and Christine to open what is now the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy, the culmination of the interests and knowledge that have driven Bree’s practice over the past decade.