VCIT and the incredible staff have been a major positive force in my life. I love their approach to wellness. It all makes sense and has worked for me in a very tangible way. The atmosphere is very soothing and friendly. I look forward to all of my appointments and trying other services there. Thank you!

– R.R., Essex VT

I have been a mental health client in the mental health arena for thirty years.  I am mentally ill and need long term psychological care and have had one to one psychotherapy for thirty plus years now.  Basically, I believe in the therapeutic approach for myself and its healing ways.   I also see fit the meaning of V.T.C.I.T., as an integral process for my own growth and development. In essence, I feel that it’s the clinicians of V.T.C.I.T., who have such an emulative quality, also.  It is of meaning and value for the individual or group process, “as one as so.”  That is also the vantage point, as to way of life and living, as is and as such, if you will.  “By way of:  V.T.C.I.T and its Clinicians: As a Giving Relational Back to the Community, To the Utmost (For Oneself).”

– T.M.