What makes us different

Because of the growing understanding of the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine practices many clinics now offer yoga, reiki, meditation and other ancient practices to provide adjunctive services to the traditional western approach. At VTCIT we go beyond that. The foundational understandings from a traditional yoga practice are the heart of our model; incorporated into everything from our care plans to the way we conduct our staff meetings and train our practitioners. From every angle VTCIT aspires to live a yogic lifestyle.

We believe

  • All beings that walk through our doors are drawn to us because they feel the potential for growth and healing.
  • Each of us takes a unique path in life that should be regarded as sacred and with equal validity
  • Practitioners who work at VTCIT actively explore their inner world using the same practices that they implement with clients
  • A team based model is optimal in most situations
  • The body holds information often disregarded or unattended by the mind and only through listening deeply to the body can unified healing begin
  • Practitioners are not healers but rather facilitators who aim for the optimal conditions that foster the emergence of greater ease and balance
  • Integrity and love are the highest values

Our model was devoted specifically to address the unique nature of the services we offer and their specialized delivery.