Integrative Care Consultation

Otherwise known as an “intake”, our Integrative Care Consultation is how most people begin their journey at VTCIT. It is the backbone on which the Center begins to understand your system and develop a plan to work with it. The ICC consists of an hour long interview across 5 aspects or “bodies” of your being. We will ask questions about your physical body, mental body, spiritual body, energetic body and emotional body. From this dialogue our clinical director will talk with you about how best to address the concerns that have brought you to the Center and what kind of care plan and/or team we can offer.  Offering a comprehensive evaluation of your being is central to our model and we are proud to continue offering this service to all new patients.

Cost: If you have Medicaid or Blue Cross Blue Shield, we will bill your insurance at the time of intake and normal co-pays will apply. If you have other insurance coverage, the intake fee is $40.00.