Bodywork Therapies

With our focus on the body/mind/spirit connection at the Center, it is both natural and essential that body based healing modalities are included in our treatment options. Bodywork can come in many forms from massage to Reiki. Regardless of the modalities, the focus is always on bringing greater awareness and balance to the body/mind/spirit. Body based healing has shown excellent results with trauma, attachment work, eating-disorders, anxiety, depression and general stress. Because of this, massage and body-energy work are a wonderful adjunct to psychotherapy.

Bodywork and psychotherapy share common ground and goals. Emotions affect the physical body; muscle tension is one of the most common ways people hold emotions physically. Many people who have excessive tension often have hypersensitive nervous systems.

Supportive touch offered by trained body workers can help to calm the nervous system, which can then change the mind-body-spirit pattern. This calming effect creates freedom for feelings to come forth and be released in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

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