Naturopathic Care/ Primary Care at VTCIT

Our approach to the body’s physical manifestation of dis-ease at VTCIT is predicated on the understanding that the body holds critical and often undigested information which can lead to states of imbalance often referred to as illness. There is a reciprocal relationship between the body and the mind where conditions in the mind sometimes cause physically based illness in the body and conversely illness in the body can create conditions in the mind that we often think of as mental health imbalances (examples such as anxiety or depression). Having a primary care team at the Center allows us to:

  • Create more comprehensive treatment teams when medical or physical issues are present.
  • Offer primary care that is sensitive to and knowledgeable about mental health issues and their presentations.
  • Create a “safe space” to discuss sensitive topics such as Eating Disorders or Trauma in the context of a medical setting.
  • Utilize the knowledge of the physical body to sort out symptoms that might be attributed to psychology but are really physically based.
  • Offer a truly integrated approach to medicine.
  • Identify and treat conditions that are difficult to treat with a traditional western approach to care.