Save $75 on Private Therapeutic Yoga!

Relieve Pain, Manage Stress, Move and Breathe Better
January Special with Therapeutic Yoga Practitioners –  Amy LePage-Hansen or Lakshmi T. Plasha!

Save $75! Get three Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions for $150.


Special offer is available for purchase until: Jan. 31st.
One special offer per person, please.
Three sessions to be completed by March 31st.

Spots are limited. Call us today at 802-658-9440 to book your first session!

Sessions With Lakshmi

Learn more about Lakshmi here. (*Note this offer is only good for first-time clients)

Sessions With Amy

Private Sessions with Amy Are Ideal For Those Who:
– Feel their tension or pain is inhibiting their abilities and enjoyment of life
– Are wired, tired, frazzled or crazy busy and feel the effects on their body and spirit
– Crave a different experience of living in your body, but don’t know how to get there
– Have been told to try yoga but are concerned about being able to do it or may not feel comfortable in a group setting
– May be recovering from an injury or illness – or have chronic pain issues
– Have tried other forms of yoga, rehab, or exercise and it hasn’t helped them
– Want to learn how to help themselves
What You Get From Private Sessions With Amy:
– Simple, effective tools that will reduce pain, manage stress and regain movement and breath function
– Self-empowerment through active participation and learning
– Discovery of how small, slow, pure movement improves awareness, reduces tension, stress and pain
– How to work with your body, rather than fighting against your body
– Home program to practice in order to help you progress between sessions
Principles of Amy’s Approach:
– Nourish Relaxation and nurture an easeful breath
– Move with awareness of your spine
– Move from your largest joints first
– Move in your Optimal, Pain-free range of motion
(*if you have chronic pain – move in a range that doesn’t increase your pain)
– Easeful effort (rather than pushing past limits)
– Listen to the cues from your body
Schedule a FREE 15 min. phone consult to learn more about how Amy’s therapeutic approach can help you.  Email Amy here or call (802) 778-0300.
Amy also works with Prenatal and Postpartum women and families during pregnancy, preparing for birth and adjusting to postpartum and beyond. You can learn more about Amy’s unique approach to moving, breathing and feeling better on her website and on Facebook.
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